Комментарий The Moscow Times по конструкции Медведев-Путин

Комментарий по поводу будущего «вновь избранного и не вступившего в должность» (С) для The Moscow Times (Опубликовано 06.08.02):

Medvedev-Putin Duo Bucks a Trend

«Putin’s plan of the president plus the prime minister is wishful thinking,» said Alexei Sidorenko, a political analyst at the …

Sidorenko predicted that Medvedev would work seamlessly with Putin for two or three years, in the same way that Putin retained many key officials and policies from the Yeltsin administration at the beginning of his own presidency.

But once Medvedev gets comfortable with the powers he enjoys in the post, he might turn on Putin if influential interest groups can persuade him to do so, Sidorenko said.

«The question here revolves around his personal integrity,» Sidorenko said. «Will he honor his private agreements with Putin? After all, he will have the authority simply to fire the prime minister.»



А можна пожалуста перевод ? а то я полтекста понял -а остальной смысл не понятен !

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