Конференция «Картография и нарративы», Цюрих 2012

Критическим картографам, географам-постмодернистам, и регионализующимся философам-культурологам будет интересно:

The Commission on Art & Cartography of the International Cartographic Association is organizing a workshop in Zurich in June 2012 on «cartography and narratives.» This workshop aims to bring together artists, scholars and students from cartography, geography, the humanities and the arts interested in exploring further the multiple relationships between maps and narratives. We would like to invite participants interested in discussing and debating any type of relationships between maps and narratives including:
— The theoretical underpinning of the relationships between maps, narratives and places;

— The forms and functions of maps in/of fictions (e.g. in novels and films);

— The practices of mapping vernacular knowledge and personal stories;

— The political implications of narrative maps;

— The technological and practical aspects of narrative cartography (e.g. the Geoweb).

The main outcome of this workshop will be the production of a collective movie dedicated to narrative cartography. This movie will be made of the different contributions of the participants of the workshop.

The deadline for submitting proposals is January 15th, 2012.

For more details, please visit our website: http://artcarto.wordpress.com/cartography-narratives/

Please let us know if you have any questions and comments.

Barbara Piatti & Sébastien Caquard


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