Круто, сейчас Македонию представлял мой знакомый по Белграду Огнен Янески. Ха-ха. Совершенно чумовой чел. Не ожидал увидеть.



Hey, Alexey….. How are you???? I was surprised to see a comment about me on your site….. hehehhe…. thanks for the words…. Have seen the new SOrCE seminar??? http://www.eswil.pl ….. GREETS FROM MACEDONIA!!!!!!! Hope to see you again!!!!!

posted by Ognen Janeski on 06.02.08 at 04:20

Hi, Ognen!!! :)))) So fun to meet you here! Yeah, that's my blog. Unfortunately, we're not going to Lodz this year. We're more likely to attend http://www.tdm2000.org — student week in Sardinia. Hope to see you too!!!

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