Статья про ассоциацию «Голос» и карту нарушений

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The Violation Map incident is just an indicator of a much deeper trend — the growing will for the need of change, exercised by free, non-falsified elections. In previous election cycles, most journalists would not have resigned and no big portal would have been brave enough to advertise election violation monitoring.

Aside from the deeper sociological undercurrent, technology plays a crucial role in all presented stories. Without trolling, Grigoriy Melkonyants would not have been able to confuse the experienced accusatory journalist from NTV. Without social networks, political party A Just Russia wouldn’t have been able to denounce Belyakov’s actions in calling to close Golos as fast as it did.

Finally, none of these events would actually have happened if Golos and Gazeta.ru had not united in producing the Violation Map. Golos has had an election violation database since 2008, but it never was as influential as it is now.

This suggests the success of the project relies heavily on its online mapping element (if any event gets concrete geographic coordinates it automatically gets more real and more appealing) and having a proper media partner.

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