Публикации «Эхо Рунета» — Беларусь, Фонд «Федерация»

Belarus: Independence Day Clapping Protest (Videos) — моя статья про мирные протесты в Беларуси и совсем уж кафкианский парад.

Streets of several Belarusian towns and cities were flooded with people on Belarus Independence Day on July 3, 2011. People just stood there, clapping.

They showed up for the clapping protest, even though clapping was officially forbidden on that day and the Vkontakte social network group that had coordinated the action had been deleted. As they said, they came not even to protest, but rather to fight the fear inside them.

Russia: Infamous ‘Vanishing’ Charity Foundation Resurfaces — статья Вадима Исакова про очередной наброс от фонда Федерации. Теперь и с участием Софи Лорен и Вуди-нашего-Аллена (будем надеяться, что хотя бы с помощью нашей статьи эта тема поднимется в англоязычной среде).

The heartwarming performance of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin playing the piano and singing the song “Blueberry Hill” at a charity concert in December 2010, was darkened by the scandal surrounding the ‘Federaciya’ (Federation) foundation that allegedly tried to disappear with the money raised by the event.

It is easy to think that this reputation would render the foundation blacklisted. However, Federaciya has resurfaced again, advertising through new billboard posters [ru] in the center of Moscow.

The posters are promoting another charity concert set to take place on July 9-10, 2011, featuring such stars as Larry King, Woody Allen, Kevin Costner, Francis Ford Coppola, among others.


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