Второй международный коммент

Дал комментарий какому-то агентству IPS news (опубликовано только сегодня, хотя брали комментарий неделю назад):

«It’s a surprising political change (to reshuffle cabinet), but nonetheless, the president’s decision can be understood as a necessary preparation ahead of the two major elections (parliamentary and presidential) and also it further indicates a systematic plan to maintain a balance of power among all the groups vying for power,» a political researcher at … Aleksey Sidorenko told IPS.

The reshuffle, he said, was in pursuit of what the president has mentioned in his state-of-nation address.

«It’s all part of the political crusade — providing the same scenario. We just have to wait for ensuing developments,» he adds.

Вот читаю его и думаю: или это я даю с самого начала бессмысленные комментарии или же журналюги сами не понимают, о чём пишут?


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